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BENDU – Your specialist for façade profiles / stucco profiles / lighting profiles / lighting coves

Almost everybody desires a beautiful and stylish home. All types of stucco and lighting coves for indirect illumination of walls and ceilings or lighting profiles for strips of spotlights and/or LEDs as well as a lot of façade profiles such as window surrounds, cap stones, and quoins contribute a great share.

Stucco, light profiles, and lighting coves

You will find information on the subject of adornment profiles, stucco, and ceiling cornices here. In addition, a great selection of stucco and lighting coves for indirect LED lighting, facilitating a cozy indirect illumination of your living space.

Lighting profiles and ceiling cornices for lighting installation (spotlights and LED strips) provide a unique style of modern ambient light. These allow for illuminating important details with spotlights / LED spotlights and getting an atmospheric LED lighting for the entire room with LED strips at the same time.

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Façade profiles and façade décor elements

Find façade décor such as window surrounds / pilaster strips here. These, along with a cap stone (center stone) and windowsill profiles, turn your windows and doors into the eye-catchers of your exterior façade.

Eaves cornices and fascias further improve the overall impression of your façade design. These façade elements can be combined with additional stylistic elements such as ornamental cladding tiles or quoins.

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Interior and exterior column cladding

Existing columns and pillars made of concrete steel or wood are often lacking style. This is where our top and bottom column claddings are valuable options (capital or column head and base or column foot). These adornments quickly and easily convert your columns into actual eye-catchers.

Entire columns, i.e. column claddings including the column shaft in nearly any diameter and height needed, are possible as well, of course. Specify the corresponding dimensions and your ideas, and we will work out your desired implementation.

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Exclusiveness and individualism for your home

One of our areas of expertise is the production of custom-made stucco and lighting profiles which includes the accurate creation of replicas of existing historical façade elements such as eaves cornices, window surrounds with cap stones, ornamental cladding tiles, quoins, and much more.

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Round stucco and façade elements

Furthermore, it is possible to produce all stucco and façade profiles in various curvatures, arches, and basket arches. Specify the needed dimensions correspondingly, e.g. radius or diameter, and we will produce your custom-made stucco and façade elements according to your specifications.

Feel free to contact us in case of doubt or additional need for information.

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