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Hello Mr. Dullinger,

we are very satisfied with the stucco and it’s honestly looking great! I attached a few pictures to the message.

Best regards
P. Schrott

Hello Mr. Dullinger,

We are very satisfied with the outcome of the indirect lighting. A few pictures attached; I hope they show a little bit at least.

Kind regards from T(…)
I. Grötchen

Hello Mr. Dullinger,

as already stated in the evaluation, I love the stucco. The light profiles’ mounting was very easy; also cutting to size worked out great using a hack saw. I was able to fill the joints perfectly using the construction adhesive.

My family, and our friends as well, find this type of indirect LED lighting to be very elegant. I attached a photo for you, but the colors appear much better still in real life.

Greetings from the North Sea coast
A. Ittner

Hello Benjamin,

just wanted to give you a short feedback on the lighting strips bought from you! The stuccos were very easy to handle. I did all miters with a miter saw without any difficulties; little corrections were carried out easily with a cutter knife. I placed the stucco’s upper edge 10cms below of the ceiling which resulted in a sharper edge of light on the ceiling area.

I am very satisfied with the result and everybody else who saw it as well!

Yours sincerely,
M. Debeur

Hello Mr. Dullinger,

just wanted to drop a few lines regarding your stucco profiles. According to my husband, the handling of the lighting profiles was absolutely trouble-free, and your advice was very valuable. Our painter man was excited as well, and he wanted to get in touch with you on the stucco issue, because he used to have drywall construction done for such type of lighting installations.

We will install exactly the same next year in our bedroom and will get in touch with you again.

Thank you and best regards
I. Gruber

Dear Mr. Dullinger,

thank you once again so much for the prompt delivery of the stucco and the valuable mounting instructions. The handling of profiles was so easy. We didn’t even have problems cutting the miters.

I taped the recommended 3.0cm wide aluminum strip as padding for the LED strips into the profiles.

Thank you very much again and best regards
G. Schiefer

Hello Mr. Dullinger,

as promised, I am sending you a few photos. I must admit that these hard-foam lighting profiles have sensational handling features. I will get back to you if I shall ever plan a similar project again. Thank you for your prompt delivery, and for the top-quality product, of course!

Best regards
U. Strobl

Hello Mr. Dullinger,

now, after long and tiring days of moving, I finally moved into my new little house. Everything just worked out fine timewise, and I can now have some rest at last. The lighting profiles with their spotlights look fantastic, and I am very happy having made the decision for them.

We had some problems installing the stucco at first, but when we found out that they needed to be firmly fixed when sticking them everything was OK. So we glued, fixed, let dry, leveled, ground, painted …. NICE! Will send you pictures this week!

Kind regards and keep on with this great product!
S. Winter