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BENDU – Your specialist for façade profiles / stucco profiles / lighting profiles

BENDU is your competent and dedicated partner in the fields of stucco, lighting profiles, indirect LED lighting, and ornamental façade elements such as window surrounds, ashlar elements, and cornices.

We continuously enhance our products and apply state-of-the-art technology as well when it comes to LED lighting. In this, we only offer high-end products from renowned partners from Austria and Germany.

Due to our direct communication channels, we are able to swiftly and flexibly respond to individual requests for special solutions.

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About our products

Product variants for stucco and lighting profiles:

Standard variant

Our stucco is delivered without coating in the standard variant. I.e. the stucco is not treated after production and therefore shows the light green of its raw material (fine-pored hard foam).

This is why we recommend painting the stucco prior to mounting 1-2x with solvent-free paint. The final paint job after mounting will cover all glue joints.

Premium variant

The premium variant of the stuccos’ surface is pretreated and honed at the factory. A primer coat and finish is applied to all visible areas of the profiles for this variant.

Afterwards, the stucco is given a top-quality, pure white dispersion paint coating. Apart from presenting a top-quality visual impression, this avoids the paint jobs required for the standard variant.

Product variants of façade décor and profiles

Standard variant

Our façade décor elements, i.e. all façade profiles, are delivered without coating in the standard variant. This means that the elements are not treated after production and are green upon delivery.

This, however, allows for individual, different final coatings depending on the intended application for all elements of façade décor. Moreover, the standard variant presents a very good value for money ratio.

Premium variant

The premium variant of our façade elements is given a top-quality weatherproof final coating at the factory. To achieve this, the façade elements are coated with a mineral and permanently elastic coating.

This final coating not only provides the desired resistance to weathering, but it also is the perfect bonding primer for subsequent paint jobs. Due to its slightly coarse surface finish, these façade profiles also give the impression of natural stone.

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